Commercial General Liability Coverage

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Energy Commercial General Liability Coverage Highlights

You will notice that our coverage form looks a little different than our competitors.  It’s a customized form that we developed exclusively for the upstream energy industry, and it reflects our industry experience in understanding the unique coverage needs of the industry written in a straight forward manner.  We’ve also incorporated endorsements into our form that are required on most of our accounts and which are required under standard contracts.  Want to know more about our general liability coverage?  Talk to an appointed local agent in your area today.
Named Insured and Insureds

  • Newly Acquired or Formed up to 120 days (Pg 3)
  • Non-Operating Working Interests with respect to liability arising out
  • of YOUR Non-Operating Working Interest (Pg 3)
  • Additional Insured as required by written contract (Pg 4)
  • NOWI owners added as Insured per JOA (Pg 4-5)

Coverage Territory

  • Includes US Lease Blocks and state waters (Pg 7)

Pollution & Pollution Clean Up Costs

  • BI and PD Time-Element Pollution Coverage resulting from an eligible Pollution Incident-30 day discovery/90 day reporting with a 120 reporting period for NOWI owners (Pg 5-6)
  • $1,000,000 Pollution Clean Up costs (subject to Occurrence Limit) at Oil or Gas Lease Sites (as defined in the policy) Voluntary or legally obligated subject to Time Element triggers (Pg 5)
  • No sublimits
  • Fluids and substances, such as drilling mud, saltwater, and produced fluids, injected or recovered from the well bore are not considered Waste (Pg 29)

Supplementary Payments

  • $50,000 for Control of Well Expenses related to Control of Well activities (as described in the policy) (Pg 9)
  • Defense of Expenses for Insured’s (as defined in the policy) (Pg 9)
  • Indemnity Defense Expenses (as defined in the policy) (Pg 9)


  • Third party coverage for BI and PD resulting from a blowout or Control of Well incident
  • Underground Resources and Equipment—No Sublimit
  • Care, custody, or control of Underground Oilfield Equipment of others if you are an oilfield contractor (Pg 14)
  • Length of non-owned watercraft extended to 100 feet (Pg 14)
  • Insured Contract definition does not limit to “tort” and includes MSA’s and JOA’s (Pg 14 & Pg 26) Primary and Non-contributory (as described in the policy) (Pg 23—e and h)
  • Blanket Waivers of Subrogation as required by written contract (as described in the policy Pg 24)
  • Separation of Insureds (Pg 24)
  • 60 day notice of cancellation & nonrenewal (Pg 20 &Pg 22)
  • Notice and knowledge of occurrence (Pg 7)
  • Punitive Damages are covered, where allowable by law (Pg 11)